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Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT)

AIT is an advanced integrative therapy that blends the best of Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic medicine and cutting edge techniques

Why might we suggest AIT for YOU?

AIT has an added benefit than just performing acupuncture.  By injecting a sterile liquid in to the location, there is a stronger stimulation to the location and that stimulation will last longer than a traditional treatment.  If a traditional acupuncture treatment retains a needle for 30 minutes, an acupoint injection can continue to stimulate the are for up to 36 to 48 hours as the fluids are absorbed.


What is used?

Homeopathics such as:

  • Traumeel and Zeel for musculoskeletal issues.

  • Cutis comp is an amazing substance for facial rejuvenation.

  • Placenta comp has been shown to have a huge benefit for our PCOS patients.

  • Lymphomyosot is a lesser known solution yet it's highly useful with immune disorders.

Vitamins - Methyl B12 when oral supplementation isn't enough. 

Analgesics such as lidocaine and procaine. 

Chinese herbs that boost the immune system and energy.


What can AIT treat?

Pain, overall well being, immune support, lymphatic disorders, circulatory disorders, scar tissue and more.


What is injected?

With AIT we inject extremely safe and sterile substances sourced from reputable distributors. Not only are the substances safe but we take all precautions to make sure that a clean field is used prior to and during the procedure.

Are there any risks?

We are highly trained and know the anatomy lying underneath all areas of injection which makes this technique very safe. Although the needle is larger then an acupuncture needle it is still exponentially smaller then any injection you'll receive at a western medicine office.

How big are the needles?

The hypodermic needles used for AIT are typically 30G and only a 1/2" long - that's really small! 

Where do you inject?

With AIT we target traditional acupuncture points which are of course located all over the body. Certain points are more receptive and powerful then others, and we are sure to use the point(s) that will benefit YOU the most.

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