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Thai Bodywork

Full body experience. Full body benefits.


Thai Bodywork is a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. Through acupressure, joint mobilization, and stretching, it helps to increase mobility, relieve tension, and improve stress. With all of the mental and physical benefits of yoga, the muscle release of massage, and the healing properties physical therapy, it is a modality unlike any other. The recommended session length is 90 minutes.

Immediate Benefits

  • Feeling relaxed, calm, and rested

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Improved blood and lymph circulation

  • Feeling looser, more limber, taller

  • Open sen lines (energy pathways) for 
    improved healing and overall function

Long-Term Benefits

With routine care, patients experience:

  • Improved range of motion

  • Improved circulation

  • Greater flexibility

  • Faster recovery

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Better, more consistent sleep

  • Fewer headaches

  • More energy


What can I expect from a Thai Bodywork session?


During your session, a variety of techniques will be used to help stretch your muscles, release tension, and increase range-of-motion. Your session will take place on a thick mat on the floor.The practitioner will be doing all of the work; your only job is to relax your muscles and your mind. You may be asked to contract and release certain muscle groups in order to stretch more deeply. You will be asked where you are feeling a stretch or how the pressure is. It is encouraged to communicate with the practitioner if something is hurting or if the stretch could be taken deeper (don't be shy!). Your cooperation and communication are key in helping you receive the best Thai Bodywork session you can.

Is Thai Bodywork a massage?



Often referred to as "Thai Massage," Thai Bodywork is like a massage in that it uses techniques to help relax the muscles and alleviate pain or discomfort. However, Thai Bodywork involves much more movement, focusing more on stretching and joint mobilization to achieve its final goal. It also takes into consideration energy balancing to further encourage healing. Unlike traditional western massages, Thai Bodywork is performed on a mat on the floor, there are no oils or lotions, and the client is fully clothed. It's a unique healing experience that has been a part of traditional Thai medicine for over 2,000 years, and we are so lucky to now have the chance to experience it for ourselves!

What if I'm not flexible?

It is not necessary to be flexible to enjoy the benefits of Thai Bodywork!The work that is done with your body will never pushed beyond your limits. We live in a chronically rigid society, which is all the more reason to be a recipient of Thai Bodywork! Much like yoga, flexibility tends to be a result of Thai Bodywork, rather than a prerequisite. Regular sessions will help you increase your flexibility and range of motion.

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