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Prolotherapy (Prolo)

Highly effective - Our most intensive form of treatment

When you’ve had acute or chronic pain and tried everything else this is your next step!

Surgery rarely cures the pain or underlying issue.


Why Prolotherapy?

There are decades of proven results. The technique is precise and the sterile solutions are powerful. The results are lifelong, many say they feel years younger afterwards.


How does Prolo work?

It stimulates the body's own healing system by using dextrose which in turn creates beneficial inflammation. It targets the site of injury/trauma/laxity which brings a cascade of healing factors to the area.


What can Prolo treat?

Acute pain, chronic pain, joint laxity, back pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, cartilage issues, ligament sprains, tendon strains.



Are there any risks?

The risk is very minimal. We are highly trained and hold a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to the surrounding structures and organs of the effected area.


When will I start to see results?

As soon as the inflammation dissipates results will start to be noticed. Prolo can be a one time therapy for some but for those that have put off treatment for a while it will take a few sessions to reach the desired goal.

Does it hurt?

Being that this is our most invasive form of treatment some patients do experience discomfort. We take every effort to minimize this discomfort by using a topical numbing agent and having you in a very relaxed position.

How many injections?

With Prolo the injured area will be injected multiple times to ensure that the whole site is properly treated. 

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