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Cupping Therapy

Your body makes millions of healing substances and knows exactly how to use them.


Cupping aids in the body's ability to move those healing substances out of "stuck" or "blocked" areas

Why is it so popular?


It's Incredibly Safe

Cupping is incredibly safe. All cups are thoroughly sanitized after each session. No bleeding or pain. And, virtually no side-effects.


Proven Results

Cupping has been in use for millenniums by people all over the world. It's gaining more awareness recently via use of high level athletes.


It's Powerful

Cupping along with Acupuncture harnesses and amplifies the most powerful healing tool ever discovered – YOU. Its power is awakening and guiding your body’s healing resources both energetically and physiologically.


Zen-Like Relaxation

Cupping is one of the most relaxing therapies you’ll ever experience. You’ll look forward to its pain relieving effects.

How Cupping Works


Promotes Tissue Healing

When you use cupping to stimulate your body’s healing process, it gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. Cupping moves stuck blood and lets your fascia be more free which in turn helps you heal faster.


Helps Your Body Sustain Optimal Function

When you apply cupping in conjunction with acupuncture as a weekly therapy for several weeks, your body naturally and gently begins to undergo positive changes. This is different from drugs and surgery which represent drastic, sudden change your body may not be able to sustain. The changes induced by acupuncture are literally like new pathways your body won’t soon forget.


Opens And Regulates Microcirculation

When we use cupping to bring more blood flow to the glands and tissues that need the most support, those tissues naturally work better. This means key tissues like thyroid, liver, adrenals, ovaries, and others are able to function at peak levels.


Calms And Balances Your Neuro-Endocrine Axis

When your nervous system is calm, your hormonal system, immune system, digestive, and circulatory systems all calm down, too. This means more hormonal balance, less inflammation, better circulation and nutrient absorption.


Does it Hurt?

You will not experience pain, most people note it feels like a light massage. 

Will I have to keep coming forever?

Unlike many other clinics, we won’t try to get you coming weekly for months on end. Our goal is to get results efficiently and quickly so you don’t need continual follow-up. 

How long will the marks last?

Most people's marks fade the same day of the treatment. However, some marks take 3-4 days to full go away. 

Is it safe?

Incredibly! Very seldom is there even any blood drawn with cupping.

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