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Earth Time: Why Being Thankful Benefits Your Health in the Autumn

Autumn brings change. All things are in flux and transition. In Classical Chinese Medicine this is the Earth time of year, which is connected to the Spleen system. The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, each associated with certain organ systems and their meridians along with season, emotions and physical/ dietary requirements. The Spleen system is associated with thought and contemplation and has an influence on all other organ systems.

Taking the time out for family and togetherness is a great way for us to nourish the Spleen system, which in turn nourishes the body in entirety. Having a meal together and slowing down is important. Unfortunately, our society is not set up to promote this practice. So, stop, taste, feel, love, and be during this holiday season and you will reap the health and emotional benefits. Moreover, truly taking the time to get in touch with all that we are grateful for is one of the healthiest practices for the anxious energy that runs through us all. It puts life in perspective and helps us to prioritize. Transition can be hard. The remedy is slow, thoughtful contemplation and reflection which allows us to feel more grounded, grateful and in tune with the world and ourselves as bodies and beings. Acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet and nutrition can all help to rectify the disharmonies associated with this time of year. Below are syndromes that arise when the Spleen system is out of balance. Talk with your practitioner today to develop a plan to help you feel more grounded and balanced during this important time of year that can ultimately influence the rest of your year and beyond.

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