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Jammin through July

Summer is Here! ...and So is the Heat and Crazy Travel Plans.

We know what it's like to get excited for summer only to find yourself bogged down or run down by travel and/ or the heat itself.

Read more to find out how to beat the heat and travel like a boss!

Eat Your Way to a Better Summer!

Making the foods you eat lighter and more hydrating is THE KEY to better summer health. Cooling foods like watermelon, fresh summer greens, cucumber, celery, mint, and hibiscus are popular in the summer for a reason! You can also pick up some mild green tea or chrysanthemum tea to drain heat toxins or in small quantities to help your body maintain.

Most importantly, make sure you stay hydrated in our dry climate by adding good fats that lubricate and choosing foods that hold moisture.

Now is the time to incorporate a variety of fruit and fresh salads. Eat more foods like these and add chamomile, lavender, mint, lemon & lime to your water for extra benefit! Also, try adding in chia seeds to level up on hydration!

Want to Stay Healthy & Happy While Traveling?

We've got you covered.

Did you know that we have herbal remedies and supplements specifically for travel that will make your trip easy and relaxing so that you won't have to worry about jet lag, sinus issues, anxiety, stomach bugs, bowel issues, etc.?

Call or email and let us make you a custom travel kit today! 970.305.4189

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