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Happy January! New Year, Same You

Now that it is officially Winter and officially 2019, let's talk about cultivating Yin and focusing in on what you already have instead of what you don't have.

Yin = Winter, Cool, Dark, Internal, Feminine

The yin energy of Winter is a great time to cultivate and harness the deeper strengths we possess so that we can take action in Spring and Summer. It may be a reflective time for some, which can bring up a multitude of feelings. Reflection is necessary and healthy as long as there is self-acceptance and balance in the mix. The energy and power, light and growth we seek are born out of rest and nourishment, darkness and renewal from within.

As we enter the new year it is important to recognize that we are never new--nothing is. All of life rises out of the ash and soot of what was and all that is now gives rise to what will be. We can refresh, renew, revitalize and GROW but knowing that in all we do we remain the same unique life that came to be at birth, there is power and solace. Instead of hoping to become something we are not, let us cherish and dig into what we are and what we have with reverence and love! In doing so, we can truly grow and utilize our individual gifts <3

Stay Well in Winter

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