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The BIGGEST MYTH Of All – Solving Your Fertility Issue Has To Be Complicated

Great article written by our mentor Chris Axelrad

"In just about every case I’ve ever seen, success was achieved when we focused on simple, straightforward solutions.

Am I claiming to be some kind of genius or magician here? Absolutely not.

If anything, I have become the anti-genius because I have stopped trying to be complicated and fancy. I’ve learned to trust in the simple and to rely on the power of nature embodied in every one of my patients.

I used to want to solve these big complicated problems and hence, I would come up with these big, complicated solutions.

And, it’s not like these solutions never worked. They did sometimes.

But, as I progressed in my experience and understanding, I started to see that, in essence, the problem is the same for everyone. And, if the problem is the same, the essential solution is the same.

See, the bottom line is this: Fertility is, by definition, simply an expression of surplus energy. Your body will always prioritize YOUR survival first, and only when it knows you are OK will it devote the energy and resources to the survival and growth of a baby inside you. Therefore a 21-year-old will conceive and birth a healthy baby even if she is severely abusing her body with drugs or other very unhealthy habits. Despite all the damage, her body has so much surplus energy (or, “regenerative capacity” as I’ll refer to it later) it easily completes the conception and gestation process.

Essentially, her eggs and ovaries can withstand the abuse because they – like all the other cells and tissues inside a 21-year-old body – heal very, very fast. That same girl 15 or even 20 years later – even if she’s no longer abusing her body – will potentially (but not always) have a lot more trouble conceiving simply because she no longer has that surplus energy. Her body simply doesn’t heal as fast or as easily as it once did, and as a result more of its energy must be devoted to simple, everyday life processes. As that surplus energy wanes, nature is no longer able to complete the blueprint it already knows, just like a person who has a precise map of how to get from point A to point B still won’t get there if they are malnourished and unable to physically walk the distance.

“OK, Chris, but what about younger women with PCOS or other conditions that block fertility?” Same thing applies, in a sense. These younger women do have ample surplus energy, it’s just being used up doing things like processing the excess hormones, inflammation, and other things generated by these conditions.

In this case nature has the map and the nourishment and physical strength to complete the journey… But, for various reasons we’ll easily deal with later, it just keeps veering off course somewhere between point A and point B.

The good news is that with the things you’re about to learn, not only will the surplus energy be restored to the fullest possible level, your body will start to follow nature’s map with a lot less effort and a lot more precision.

In other words, you’ll be building massive reserves of energy and all that energy will be channeled into giving you the BEST possible chance to complete YOUR journey to having your baby.

So, what I teach here works whether you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Endometriosis, or Unexplained Infertility.

If you have functioning ovaries and a relatively healthy uterus, this method can be a huge game-changer for you. I’m certain of it.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you’ll have a baby. If I could make that decision, I’d be God and we all know I’m not that.

But I will guarantee you this – follow the steps in this book and you’ll be exponentially more likely to get pregnant than you are now.

And not only that… you’ll be a lot calmer and happier when you arrive at your destination.I’ve seen this work for over 2000 of my patients at this point.

And, I know it can work for you."

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